How much you loved me mekhu..

Neil, Mekh

Neil: Or pull u down from job
Neil: I just looked at a side which for me is very important
Mekh: I know ig..that u will only mean matter what
Neil: Because when I use to work I use to work for my family
Neil: And not the other way round
Neil: Since I treat u mine I some how am not comfortable so I keep on poking
Neil: But I won’t hence
Mekh: And u must
Mekh: U can
Mekh: Tum nahi karoge to kaun karega
Mekh: Who will do the reality check on me
Mekh: I am serious ig
Mekh: I also need someone to tell me that i am going times..that i need to balance
Neil: U r matured enough more than me
Neil: u will do fine besides u do only what u want
Neil: Maine jitna bola is bare main shayad hi kisi ne bola ho
Neil: Day in and out.
Neil: Koi faida nahi
Neil: ROI=0
Neil: 😦
Mekh: Aisa nahi hai
Mekh: I have changed a lot
Mekh: Ig
Mekh: U may not realize
Neil: I don’t kno what but ur change must have don’t good to u only
Mekh: 😦
Mekh: Ig
Neil: Humm
Mekh: Please ab gussa chodo
Mekh: Ek baar to pehle bolo
Mekh: That u love me
Neil: I love u mekh
Mekh: :* :*
Mekh: I love you too
Mekh: 😥
Mekh: I know ig…and i love to hear it again and again
Neil: Mekh alws remember in any relationship believing the other understanding the basics of the relationship is very important.
Neil: Both the people in any relationship has a moral obligation to hear and understand the other
Mekh: Ofcourse
Neil: If that is not there its broken
Neil: I feel my voice goes def ear
Neil: And that pains me
Neil: I may be little emotional . But I hold family first..
Neil: And since u r me its even worse
Neil: So its better for me to be quite and not judgmental.
Neil: Having said this.. I still I love u and shall alws will
Mekh: Shaunu
Mekh: Khud ko takleef mat do
Mekh: Itna
Mekh: I at times feel..i am not the right person for you..
Neil: May be u r not
Mekh: I give u pain..more often..thanjoy
Neil: Chalo.. U take care.. And take medicines on time .. “not a command just request”
Neil: And have good day..
Mekh: i will ig
Mekh: And however i am..just remember
Mekh: That i’m yours
Mekh: Now
Neil: I kno that
Mekh: Whether good or bad, right or wrong
Neil: That’s why it pains me even more
Neil: Because its me who is suffering there
Neil: U r me
Mekh: Shaunu
Mekh: 😥
Mekh: Tum bhi thoda samjha karo darling
Mekh: Lets not get bogged down by small things
Neil: Mujhe bilkul nahi samajhna hai
Mekh: I promise u..i will not get victimized
Neil: I can’t let or c my wife suffer in pain and come home at 9
Neil: Mere ghar main nahi chalega PERIOD
Neil: I gave u room told u occasionally theek hai
Neil: Ye to habit ban gaya hai
Neil: Mujhe mallu se matlab nahi
Neil: I am concerned about u and ur wellbeing
Mekh: :* :*
Neil: Ridhs progress
Mekh: Shaunu i know
Neil: If u don’t allow and like that.. I better be off trac
Neil: My tolerance level is low
Mekh: 🙂
Mekh: Very low :* muuaahhh
Neil: Ya compared to u it may look like
Neil: Because I can’t compromise u c
Neil: For me my people come first
Neil: When I was with nats I managed
Neil: They were my priority
Neil: Even today
Neil: Now u.. So I just cant
Neil: May be its my weakness
Neil: But I am happy to be weak
Mekh: 🙂
Mekh: I am happy to have u around
Mekh: Nahaane jau shaunu?
Mekh: And i am happy to be ur weakness
Mekh: Its 10 already
Neil: Humm jao..
Mekh: :* i love you
Mekh: Bfn..gaadi se ping karungi if u dont mind
Neil: I love u mekh..

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