Happy poila Boishakh

Dear mekh, Yesterday I sat in the park by a lovely blossoming tree, looking for some peace of mind.

I kept looking at the tree, hoping the desired feeling would come as it normally does when something as beautiful stands before me. Not this time, though.


My mind stayed tangled and messy.

Intellectually, I knew the peace was right there, embodied in this beautiful tree, but the feeling wouldn’t come.

As I sat there bewildered, a priest was walking down the path, cozily wrapped in his white robes.

He stopped by the beautiful blossoming tree and simply stood there, looking.

And as I watched the priest looking at the tree, I suddenly got it.

The desired feeling of peacefulness slowly but surely filled me from head to toe, and I felt immensely relieved.

After a little while the priest continued down his path, and as he was walking away I wanted to run there and hug him for becoming the missing link between me and the beautiful blossoming tree—a link that is so very necessary for the peace to happen. I miss you so much jaan. Wish you a very happy poila boishakh.
Peace to all.