I will be waiting for you..

Neil, Mekh

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Neil: Chalo.. U take care.. And take medicines on time .. “not a command just request”
Neil: And have good day..
Mekh: i will ig
Mekh: And however i am..just remember
Mekh: That i’m yours
Mekh: Now
Neil: I kno that
Mekh: Whether good or bad, right or wrong
Neil: That’s why it pains me even more
Neil: Because its me who is suffering there
Neil: U r me
Mekh: Shaunu
Mekh: 😥
Mekh: Tum bhi thoda samjha karo darling
Mekh: Lets not get bogged down by small things
Neil: Mujhe bilkul nahi samajhna hai
Mekh: I promise u..i will not get victimized
Neil: I can’t let or c my wife suffer in pain and come home at 9
Neil: Mere ghar main nahi chalega PERIOD
Neil: I gave u room told u occasionally theek hai
Neil: Ye to habit ban gaya hai
Neil: Mujhe mallu se matlab nahi
Neil: I am concerned about u and ur wellbeing
Mekh: :* :*
Neil: Ridhs progress
Mekh: Shaunu i know
Neil: If u don’t allow and like that.. I better be off trac
Neil: My tolerance level is low
Mekh: 🙂
Mekh: Very low :* muuaahhh
Neil: Ya compared to u it may look like
Neil: Because I can’t compromise u c
Neil: For me my people come first
Neil: When I was with nats I managed
Neil: They were my priority
Neil: Even today
Neil: Now u.. So I just cant
Neil: May be its my weakness
Neil: But I am happy to be weak
Mekh: 🙂
Mekh: I am happy to have u around
Mekh: Nahaane jau shaunu?
Mekh: And i am happy to be ur weakness
Mekh: Its 10 already
Neil: Humm jao..
Mekh: :* i love you
Mekh: Bfn..gaadi se ping karungi if u dont mind
Neil: I love u mekh..
Mekh: The tag is beautiful ig
Mekh: One afternoon in mirador last summer..
Mekh: Its touched my heart
Neil: Thanks
Neil: Yes mirador I remember
Mekh: Over some wine and a calm atmosphere..
Neil: U were in tears
Mekh: With some tears between u and me..
Neil: Yes
Mekh: The first of my tears in front you…as if a little thin film covering my heart..u had opened
Mekh: Why r u pursuing me..
Mekh: I remember saying to you..why do u have to get into this..
Mekh: How far will u take this relationship..
Mekh: And u said..i can take this to any length
Mekh: Leave me alone..
Mekh: I didnt believe u then
Mekh: I thot u were just saying it for the sake of it
Mekh: That day..and today..
Neil: 🙂
Neil: Today what do u c
Mekh: In less than a year..
Neil: Is there a change in my stand
Neil: I am the same mekh..
Mekh:  We have walked a long long way
Neil: Yes we have mekh.. I am glad ..
Mekh: When u say today, that u will be waiting for me…beyond good and bad..i believe it totally
Neil: u will have to realise that u r me mekh
Mekh: I will believe even if u say u will wait for me..beyond life and death
Mekh: 😥
Neil: :*
Neil: Muuuuaah I will
Mekh: :*
Neil: We can’t return .. Can we
Mekh: My batt is v low
Mekh: Will go to office
Mekh: shaunu
Neil: Ok
Mekh: Cant return
Neil: Humm take care and take med on time
Neil: I love u:*
Neil: Bfn mekh..
Mekh: Hmm
Mekh: I love u :*
Mekh: U r in off?
Neil: Yes
Mekh: Hmm
Mekh: Bfn dear :*
Mekh: I’l call in noon
Neil: Ok
Neil: As you wish 🙂
Mekh: 🙂
Mekh: Dont be sarcastic
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