Hello shona

I’m glad that you visited me.

I Went through the hardest break up of my life and this is what I created. I hope you enjoy. Your life is your story make it a good one.

When a new bridge is built connecting his island to the mainland a boy has to come to grips with the change and opportunities that come along with it. Love of home, love of a partner, and love of family all seem to be falling apart and slowly pushing him towards the inevitable, crossing that bridge himself to see what lies beyond the horizon.

The bridge is the villain, not the girl. Making this with friends was the perfect medicine and I feel lucky to just get to experience the full range of life.

It was inspired by a lot of life; hometown, friends, emotions, and the depression that follows heart break but specifics were changed to make things like the bridge more important and the story track better.

The greatest relationship advice ever given to me: Boys and girls, either way, can’t have a real relationship until they’ve had their hearts broken properly. It’s the truest thing I know about people and love. You will always find me around.. This is the best I can do hold a candle. Because you probably never understood how much i love you even today amongst all odds. Anyways..i will still hold on to faith of my broken foundation.Till I live. Yours always IG