Love means no boundries

My boundless love for my Mekh means that I will/am beside her through sickness and health.Thick or thin(literally as well as figuratively .I will do things for and to her that I won’t do for any body else in the world for any amount of money.I love my woman through all her talents and hardships in our struggles through our lives TOGETHER
She’s my best friend in the world!!!Always will be.


I will NOT tolerate abuse in my relationship! I will complete the rest in evening.. until then.. NeilMekh

Friends today I am a bit sad.
Had a argument with my bro.

Dada I can’t keep doing this, I have lots of commitments here.. You keep saying that she will come back but it never happens.. I feel really bad saying no that i cant keep visiting you,but it seems there is no end. You please visit us and stay for few months 😦

Good night friends.