Rituparna Chatterjee  Wrote :

Just one word  AWESOME.

Fata fati   NEIL..


Kirti patil Wrote :

I needed this today. I’m glad I found it. Today wasn’t too good. I woke happy but it slowly died and thoughts went back. Someone found me and chose me. I just have to remember to let the feelings come and then let them pass. I am most grateful he understands the hurt I’ve been dealt and so is patient. That one is a strange creature (his words not mine) but he is mine and I’ve discovered I love him. I just need to heal. Neil I was going  through several writes. It’s true, love speaks.  The girl you broke  off with is so lucky  that you still connect with her. Wish all relations are so like this. Keep up.. will come back again.

NeilMekh Reply :

Dear Kirti , I know I will reflect on this period in my life and say, “Thank You.” In fact, I’m already saying it.

1. If we all loved the same way, we would never hurt. If we all cared for each other the same way, we would never know pain.

Love is not enough, it must be married to something else, understanding. Without understanding, love is forgotten.

Love is a commitment to understanding each person has their own perception (the way they see the world). This is their truth and as one who loves them, I must honor their truth.

Truth is not right or wrong. Feelings are not right or wrong, they just are.

When I love another, I am choosing to understand and accept them for who they are and how they feel, as they experience life. If I am unable to accept another for who they are or their perceptions, the most loving thing I can do, is let them go so they may be understood and loved fully.

Everyone deserves to be understood. When we are understood, we are loved: when we are loved, we are free.

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