I love u means nothing

Dear readers good evening,
One of my friend sent me an article. It’s a very relevant one ..

Here it is.

Dear Neil,

I have dated a few guys that were like “I love you” but I knew they didn’t mean it. Sad to say I have told boyfriends I loved them and didn’t mean it as well. It’s like we take those three little words for granted which is sad. When I met my husband I didn’t believe that he actually loved me. I put that man through pure hell. I made him prove his love to me because there was no way I would marry a man just because he said it. He did everything he could to prove that to me and a year later we were married. See for the longest time I was a single mom of with a kids so yea I heard “I love you” one to many times. I don’t regret my kids at all they are my life, but I do wish they didn’t have to grow up without a father all because I believed the wrong guys when they told me they loved me. Now I’m coming up on my three year wedding anniversary and I now know what love truly is. I wished I hadn’t have told those guys I loved them so it would have been more special when I told the one I truly loved. I know when we are young every guy we date we love, and maybe you will find your true love when you’re in high school or maybe you won’t. All I know is before you sleep with that boy or give him your heart make him prove his love. But if you sleep with someone you love glue with him else repentance will burn till you live. Its so easy to say it but even harder to prove it. If he or she can’t prove it then both doesn’t feel it.

Margaret  Powell


True Love is a blessing
Thanks Margaret



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