Dips  wrote :

Having read much on the subject, which I find endlessly interesting, I was much impressed with how articulately you’ve written about it here. I agree with your understanding of soulmates & appreciated this article very much .

Smita wrote :

Love this, I have just finished reading Eat Pray Love and that quote particularly resonated with me. In fact I it used in an email to my recently ex’d partner to describe our relationship. He didn’t get it as he is still deep in denial. I’m now working hard to develop and appreciate my own sense of completeness through therapy and Buddhist practice.

Shriti kaponkar  wrote :

Brilliant article, thank you. Perhaps ideas that knowingly or unknowingly we’ve encountered many times but you’ve captured them beautifully and gently presented them as the opportunity for growth that they are – rather than something we should feel shame around.

Shraddha  wrote :

I finally filed for divorce after spending my entire life with who i thought was my soul mate, but turned out to be a narsassist evil psychopathic man, I now understand how true this is. He forced me to see my deep insecurities as he knew what they where to manipulate me with before I ever realized what they where myself.

Shobha  Dey wrote  :
Neil a perfect write.  I don’t know what to say. Do you have a publisher. please  meet me in Mumbai  at me residence. I can be of some help.

Rituparna Chatterjee  wrote:

Wow, very well written! So much truth. Thank you.


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