You are a life to me Mekh

Dear Mekh;

You often ask, “Why do you love me?” a question to which I have never been able to give satisfactory answer. I think that the problem lies in the question, for “why” is a function of the reasoning mind. Love does not reason, for it knows the fatal flaw of reason, that it is based on rational, linear thought. Love is not rational, it is ephemeral, flowing with the tides of the heart and railing against all that rational thought would decry as impossible.

Rational thought strives to define and limit the world to rules, constructs, and logical arguments, ever declaring that this is the way it is, and cannot change! Conversely, love is the very engine of creation, forever smashing down the walls that the rational mind would build around our little universe. Rationality provides a measure of security, as a cage is secure, while love, love grants us the strength and vision to step outside of our cages, and create the world anew each day.

Unfortunately, all of the above is nothing more than an intellectual coughing fit, so let me try that again…

I love your eyes, for they lend vision to my dreams.

I love your hair, for it is the gossamer web that harnesses my vision, giving it purpose.

l love your voice, for it is the melody in my heart.

I love your walk, for it is the dance of life.

I love your touch, for it puts the power in my passion.

I love your skin, for it is the canvas of my desires.

I tell you truly, Mekh, my life did not begin ’till the day we first met. All that was before was nothing more than waiting. Waiting for purpose. Waiting for direction. Waiting for you.

Why do I love you? I love you because you are life to me, apart from you there is nothing. All that I treasure is found in you, or comes from you. I love you because your smile is my beacon of hope. I love you because making you smile is the only purpose I have ever found to be worthy of my efforts.

It is my conviction that should you ever lose your smile, a great light shall perish from this world, and civilization will crumble away to ashes. The moon will dim, and the sun will weep. The stars will hide their faces for the tragedy of it, and one man will be lost, unseen as a grain of sand is unseen in the midst of the desert. The devastation will be so complete, so absolute that even Maa herself will have to concede defeat, and either move to restore your smile, or simply start all of creation over again.

Ok, maybe that’s a little over the top, but that’s what your smile is to me. And that’s also why I love you.

Yours Always..



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