New year with love


What can I wish to someone I love at new year, other than strength to continue loving, wishing and serving? Because that’s what I want sweet: continue happy and healthy to offer you, the best of me, this enormous love I feel.
You are the best of all things that have happened in my life, and now that I’ve met happiness, I want to live thousands of years loving you.


Peace, health, joy and prosperity: everything that can be wished for the one we love, I wish it all twice to you. May all your dreams come true, may your plans become reality, and that I’m a part of them as your man, friend, and company! May 2016, be the best year of your life! That from now on, each year you live will be better than the last, and that our love survives through all this time, because that’s how it should be with these pure and beautiful things.
You are my sweetheart and I love you. I have the impression, or better yet, I’m sure our love will survive many new years. May God bless us and keep us happy!
A kiss from ,



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