Missing shonu

Mekh my dear DONT MISS ME,Aloneness is the ultimate reality. One comes alone, one goes alone; and between these two alonenesses we create all kinds of relationships and fighting, just to deceive ourselves – because in life also, we remain alone. But aloneness is not something to be sad about; it is something to rejoice in. There are two words – the dictionary will say they have the same meaning, but existence gives them totally opposite meanings. One word is loneliness and the other word is aloneness. They are not synonymous. Loneliness is a negative state, like darkness. Loneliness means you are missing someone; you are empty, and you are afraid in this vast universe. Aloneness has a totally different meaning: it does not mean that you are missing someone, it means that you have found yourself. It is absolutely positive.


You have chosen to separate us.

I love you.



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