Love has its own language…

Love has its own language. The language which connects two souls together just the way it connected neil with Mekh.

Things were new for him amidst a new workplace. He was trying to find his feet and moreover a companion in the midst of a monotonous desk job. His eyes always kept looking for someone, someone who would talk to him. But between the excel reports and the uninteresting board meetings, he was a lonely soul. From the frozen food dinners to the jokes at the boardroom, he was living a life contrary to what his parents had expected.

He was lost in the crowd and even though he was swarmed by innumerable people at work or travel, he didn’t have one soul who he could pour his heart out to. Seeing couples make love, enjoying together created a sense of need in him – The need of a companion whom he could talk to.

Perhaps he found that companion that day. Taking opportunities to glance at her through his window, he was trying to shy away when they made eye contact but he couldn’t help but look at her. Struggling and fumbling, neil and mekh finally knew each other. Using BBM to talk across the cabin; neil had a spring in his step and finally felt alive. Little notes of their everyday chat conversations found a place on neils’ BBM and reiterating them at the end of the day made him smile. His desk job and board meetings were not the same anymore, and neil was lost again but this time in Mekh.

Neil became himself and mekh were the sole reason for all this. But there was a fire in even Mekh’s heart as she edged out her secret of watching Neil before he did. NEIL , lost for words, was recollecting his guts to ask Mekh out. Just as he thought he would, she was not there in his sight anymore. Perhaps that’s how life is; it makes us realize that we should not stop ourselves from telling others how much we love them. After all, it’s all in a moment.

Neil was back to his old self; he sulked after Mekh was not in her desk anymore, and he regretted not asking her out. But life gave him a new window. As playful as Mekh was, she caught neil’s attention in her peculiar way from the cabin above and they celebrated her promotion as Neil finally asked her out only to realize that she had been waiting for Neil too long.

So readers , hope you understand now that love has its own language and every relationship depends on its chemistry.

If you are true to your self never deceive the one you love. It’s a curse you can never recover from because love is nothing but mirror of God and if you have done such a thing, then all you can do is surrender yourself to God and seek mercy.

Love is a feeling it can only be sensed by a loving soul.. and no one else..

তোকে কোনদিনই বলবো না
ফিরে এসে আমার হাতটা ধর

বরং বলবো আমি অনেকটা সুখে আছি
শুধু তুই কোনদিন চোখের জল ফেলিস না..

God bless!!


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