Forgiveness… how important is it ?



Dear friends, When somebody wrongs you either by accident or on purpose—it can be hard to get over it. You may never be able to reconcile with the wrongdoer, but forgiveness is divine and it gives you a chance to be a better person. Here are some ways you can work toward forgiving.

Why Forgiveness Is Essential to Your Well-Being.

Forgiveness may be the last thing on your mind when someone does something truly awful to you, but it’s not just for them—it’s essential for your own well being. Initially you’ll be hit with a lot of emotion, and that’s okay. You don’t need to do anything right then and there, but holding on to that emotion for too long becomes a heavy burden to carry through your life. In essence: you forgive for yourself, not just for them.

It’s not about letting them off easy, either. Forgiving doesn’t mean that you’re excusing what they did, that there isn’t still something to work out, and it especially does not mean that you can’t still have feelings about what happened.

Forgiveness is about resolution for you, and you alone. Chances are they would like to be forgiven, but make sure you put yourself first in this situation. You were the one wronged, not them. Forgiveness is the capping off of your emotional turmoil.

Forgiveness puts the final seal on what happened that hurt you. You will still remember what happened, but you will no longer be bound by it.

Having worked through the feelings and learned what you need to do to strengthen your boundaries or get your needs met, you are better able to take care of yourself in the future.

Keep in mind, though, that forgiveness is a process. It’s not a switch you can flip immediately, and it can require a lot of strength to carry out. Even if you don’t have the will to forgive right now, you can still work your way toward it.

A broken past can certainly not give you an assured future.

Take Some Time and Identify How You Feel.

When love is concerned much is not enough…
I love you Mekh..



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