Life is strange isn’t it..

Dear friends,

People always say that they’ll stay and we, the broken ones, believe all their sugar coated lies just because they somehow happen to join the scattered pieces of our broken heart together. Everything goes fine until one morning you wake up to a text message saying, “Let’s end this” or “I’m no longer interested in us” or maybe not even a message. Just being silently blocked by someone who was on the top of your friend list. But getting no message is also a message, you know. Life is strange, isn’t it?

You talk to someone for years. Every time you saw them online, it was in your wait or staring at your profile picture. But just after that one night, you find them online and somehow that ‘online’ doesn’t change to ‘typing’ like it always did and you fall asleep in the false hopes that ‘online’ will change to ‘typing’. Life is strange, isn’t it?

You still have those dark circles under your eyes, don’t you? Yeah, you do. They were there before too. But those dark circles were the result of our romantic, night-long conversations and these are the result of the sleepless nights I have in the wait of a text I know will never ever arrive. Life is strange, isn’t it?


You smile now. You used to smile before. And I’m sure you’ll smile tomorrow too. But you used to smile for them. They were the real reason behind the untimely giggles which you claimed to be random Facebook jokes or a crazy old memory. And now you smile, just to avoid the question of why you’re not doing so, don’t you? You smile bright even when you want to scream out loud but you don’t. And oh, how you wish they could look through your heart and know how fake that smile is. And when you smile tomorrow, you’ll smile as you look back on today and find all your dreams come true. Not with them, but with someone else. Life is strange, isn’t it?

They said they’d love you till their last breath. But now you wonder whether they meant your last breath or theirs? Because the moment they left, a part of your heart breathed its last. And now they’re saying the same to someone else. Life is strange, isn’t it?

You love some people so much that you find your happiness in their happiness. And even if you don’t feel happy, you don’t show it. Because you know it’s going to anger them. And you can’t just let that happen even if the sky and sea meet each other. You love them with all your heart, to your fullest capacities. You don’t see yourself anywhere without them, nor do you wish to spend any moment of your life without them. And one fine day, you wake up and you realise that all that love just wasn’t enough. Someone who said will sleep next to you for the rest of your life, just texted that they no longer find you appealing. Life is strange, oh tell me, isn’t it.

I love you lots mekh.



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