A Dream with my Mekh

I was amnesic about the date or time, because the moment my sleepy eyes saw her standing in the ladies compartment on the opposite side, I had gone into a mesmerizing trance. We were only one platform apart, but that distance seemed like a journey to infinity. I was waiting for my fast train at Dadar station, which was due in five minutes. My gaze wandered here and there to see vivid displays of God’s creations. And that’s when the train to Churchgate halted and with that…my heart beat!

She was dazzling in a white traditional Punjabi suit with the dupatta finely pinned at the right spots. It was as if an innocent dove had landed on the moon. Her hair was tied, but the way she had shifted all of it on her right shoulder was making her look so gentle and delicate. Be it the leaf-shaped silver earrings or the thin chain around her neck. Be it the eyeliner under her eyes or the black mole on her chin, everything was just perfect about her. ‘Who wears Bindi these days?’ I always used to ask. I got my answer today.

Her aura was attractive, yet subtle. She was beautiful, yet simple. She was so far, yet so near. She maybe belonged to someone else, yet I felt she was made for me.

I was never into movies or believed in raising arms like SRK and romance, but never in my dreams would I have ever imagined that I would fall for someone in just a few seconds. If there was one wish God would have asked me at that moment, I would have told him to just pause the universe for some time so that I could capture as many memories of her as possible in the serene muteness where all I would hear is her breathing.

And then her train started to move slowly. I didn’t want that to happen. It was as if someone was taking away my soul from me. I needed it back, but there are some things which are not in your control. I realized that I won’t be able to see her from now until forever. She would be gone like a shooting star and I would be as incomplete I was since I started inhaling air. ‘Oh God!’ I said and closed my eyes. ‘Do something for me!’

And when I opened my eyes, the train halted again at some distance. ‘Damn!’ I exclaimed. ‘Am I so audible?’ I wondered. The lady in white was still there making me fall for her, every second. I just wanted her to see her admirer. To see how much someone can crave for her. I walked a few steps and stood opposite to her and just had one wish in my heart. I thought if I was so audible, God would do some miracle again. ‘Please, please, please,’ I pleaded. ‘Just once!’

I wish I could just scream or shout or sing or do any nonsense to call for her attention, but she was buried in her god damn phone. And then I saw her head, that was very slowly coming up as if she knew I was waiting for her to see and it was just a matter of few microseconds. The moment her face saw mine, my train arrived and I got a tap from behind.

I came out of my reverie and saw the same girl behind me. ‘What are you doing?’ she asked me and hugged me tight.

I simply smiled and thanked God for keeping this memory alive as if it just happened…a few seconds ago.

I miss you Mekh..



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