So much love in a lifetime..

What is it that we know about love?

Is it about the brooding eyes or the enigmatic sensation that makes your skin dance, or the little tinge of pink it adds to your cheeks?

Is it about stargazing together, or the long, lazy, romantic saunter that makes you want more of each other?

Is it about getting to know someone in a way you never expected, or getting to discover the dark side of yours that dreads the thought of letting go?

Is it about spending your whole lives together, or the little, blissful moments you wish to capture in a time capsule and wish to cherish forever?

Is it about the excitement when you meet, or just sticking together when everything seems leaden and bumpy?

Is it about getting drenched in the rains, with feelings that make you linger there, contemplating what your future might be, or just staying there, relishing the moment, not wanting to contemplate what the future has in store?

What is it that we know about love?

Very little do we know about love. So much little, that it makes us crave for so much more, in so much little time. A lifetime.


I love you mekh


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