I give myself..

How many people truly understand what Selfless Love IS?  Well, simply stated, it means loving without any attachment to an expectation in return!  It means whatever you do you do it from your Heart.  This comes purely from a place within you which has no preconceived expectation of accolades, acknowledgement, or reciprocity in return.  From this place, You Express a deeply profound Ecstatic Love in that moment in time.  There is no thought of personal gain or satisfaction in that moment.  You just DO because it feels so good to give of yourself!


Talk about expecting too much!

This is the drama/trauma scenario we create in our lives and how we perpetuate our own Suffering!

Anytime you do something, do it from your entire Heart without any expectation in return.  Even if you think a smile would be a nice Confirmation and Validation of your loving action, Surrender to the possibility you may never see a result from it in that moment, or ever.  The more you do this, the more you may begin to see your world changing outside of you for the better…but then, remember not to get attached to any idea that your actions should and will result in something your mind can conceive because, when you least expect it, the things you will witness will far exceed any expectations you could ever have!

Going within ripples out in energetic waves as love expressed begets love experienced.  This is only the beginning, it starts from the inner work, our going inside…


“When I give, I give myself.” 

I love you Mekh



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