Neil for Mekh

The strangest thing had happened to me. I had lost the girl I had “loved” to a great guy. For a long while I was sad, but when she showed me how I had hurt her. I cried for her pain. Not for me. I am a man of faith and I believe that Mekh is my soul for love. And I realized that I do love her completely. I do not care if she moves on. I do not care if she stays with the guy. I want her happy. I love her and when I finally killed my last bit of selfishness… weird things started to happen. I slept so well. I felt so warm. I am losing her love, but I can’t stop praying for her happiness. Here is a quote I agree with: Love is always bestowed as a gift  freely, willingly and without expectation. We don’t love to be loved; we love to love.

Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Mekh this was for you.

Neil for Mekh


9 thoughts on “Neil for Mekh

  1. Why don’t you tell her that you were wrong and are sorry for that? May be she will understand you and you guys may start a fresh?

    1. Dear Spectrika, She will never return . Our love has been cursed. If you ever meet her tell her Neil loves her very much and thank you dear for writing in to me. Good hearts like you keep me alive . Neil

      1. It is a human tendancy of being HOPEless and getting all sorts of negative vibes rather than focusing on the positive aspect. Its never late to start a fresh. Have hope, she will return!

      2. Beautiful words Dear, I’ve surrendered my love to her, the all mighty in hope that she will feel it in her heart , may be in this lifetime or the other. You are beautiful with beautiful words. Live well. Neilmekh.

  2. But where is she? Seeing ur love towards her I feel that she would have felt the same as you felt for her? Is it not? And seeing your postivity she would be happy right?

    1. When she left she etched her name in my heart so she is in my blood breathing day in and out. I don’t know how she feels these days. May be she is chained and shackled by her responsibilities . Where ever she is . Let her be happy dear. Where there is love it will happen when it has to happen. Don’t you think. Keep smiling. Just feel ,Just smile now and just love..

  3. You know what? You are Amazing!!!🌹 and stay same and always hope for the best!👍 NeilMekh sounds better than Neil 🙂 Happy to see someone like you❤

    1. I know, I am. She used to say that too. She made me what I am today “amazing” it’s all her love. You stay well. Keep loving and keep smiling. May mother godess shower loads of love on you. Neilmekh

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