True Love Is untained by wants.

Pure love arises when distinction dies. Only when the mind is devoid of judgments can distance and division also disappear. The sense of division widens when we dwell on flaws in others, and it dissolves when we practice soul healing.

Love is not something you can acquire or give; it is something you become. 
When we become love, compassion springs forth spontaneously and manifests as loving-kindness distributed equally to all, just like both sun and rain fall everywhere alike without calculation or making preferences… 

Like a smile, compassion can prove contagious, inspiring others to pass it along through random selfless acts of kindness.

I wish Mekh could realize that sometimes dead logs flower again if they wish to flower.

Everyone wants to feel loved but rarely do we consider how we must demonstrate what that is through our own actions and interactions with others.  How you express yourself is how others will treat you.  If you want to be loved, you have to exhibit it in your presence.

I wish I had an idea how much she loves me.

I am writing this blog because it has to be passed on the the next generation and generation to come. She is my soul mate I could identify it long back but it was my himalayan trip and visit to sadguru that enlighten me.

Our souls will meet again and again for ages to come. We are both  seperated out of curse.


I Love you


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