We have finished a book, Separately.

A few years back, the thought of you not crossing my mind at least once a day would’ve seemed like a joke; cause after all you were my go-to, my confidant, my friend, my secret keeper, my homie, but most of all the one person who would get my perspectives, my reflections. I hoped that I was the same for you because I knew the type of person you were with your flaws and perfections, yet now in one of the most game-changing, mind boggling phase of life we’re in, you’re MIA.
So, here’s my say.

I would’ve called but stuff came up and you totally slipped my mind like the many times I would forget your birthday. I would’ve texted but the first 2 letters of your first name brought up 5 more contacts in the search list to whom I ended up talking to for hours because I had to share the book I was reading then. But then, I saw something pop on my feed some throwback post with your face and I started to think back to the time we last talked was it 2? No! 3 and half years back when we last exchanged words even then cutting the conversation short to 15 minutes about the weather and career goals.

And so, time went on and on, people came along and people went a far. I found new opinions, new voices that matched mine and I’m assuming you did too for no sign came along shouting your existence. So, I said a prayer in that moment for you to find peace after all those battles you fought and all the arguments you lost, that was your forte, wasn’t it? Making a point! Oh, how you hated losing one. But most importantly a prayer for you to find your way back to me, to the moments we shared, and the relationship  we had.

So, Mekh,here’s my final say.

One day, if we see each other opposite to one another at a stop light. You wouldn’t just nod your head at me or just look away; you’ll pull over to my side, give me a reason and then an entire epilogue. For we haven’t just closed a chapter in life and moved on, no! We’ve finished a book separately.

Don’t you agree?



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