People change , but don’t loose hope.

Dear Reena,over the years, people change. Be the one who progresses, not the one who regresses. Learn what makes you strive for greatness, what makes you angry, what makes you tick, what makes you live for more — your goals, passions, disappointments.

Get out of your comfort zone, empower your thoughts, explore your dreams, succeed continuously, fail until you hit rock bottom. Once you have achieved this mindfulness, your union with another individual will more likely flourish rather than set you back.

Time is the only game no human will ever master; we cope with this by pressing forward, no matter the circumstances that arise.

How many times have you gotten mad at yourself for missing opportunities, chances, people or for being stuck in the past and allowing it to compromise your future?

Live a little, learn more about yourself and start smiling; gain a greater understanding of who you want to be and love that person. Happiness needs to be your biggest project and it only requires one set of hands: your own.

I love that word. Forever. I love that forever doesn’t exist, but we have a word for it anyway, and use it all the time. It’s beautiful and doomed.

Reena  bhaloch,  this is for you. Keep smiling, I pray he will be back soon.
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One thought on “People change , but don’t loose hope.

  1. Neilmekh,We should not be too quick to take unnecessary actions in our relationship when we haven’t questioned our partner or on what we saw or heard about them. We all have our faults. We shouldn’t be too fast to judge others. Not everything you see, hear or believe about someone is true. Always learn to control yourself under any condition or situation, irrespective of what you’ve heard or seen. Neilmekh sounds nice. Best.

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