Radiance of Love

For my beautiful reader.. As I drive through aisle of chili ka this evening I felt the radiance of love.. watching the sun set across the lake..deep deep down with pure blue serenity..
The radiance of love stems from my being
without any expectations……

relaxing into this moment,
there is nothing I want or lack.

NOW in this perfect presence
I allow myself every opportunity to
– feel deeply, sadness, anger, sorrow, unwantedness
– evolve as i go into these unwanted conditions

I do not crowd this space….
– no destination
– no care
I give fully to myself a love that is deep.


I sit with all these aspects, there is an expanse that goes beyond my knowledge, that continues to reveal itself. The uncomfort of the pain and the awkward has melted away….. to a beautiful sharing, caring…

now I can allow anyone else this space
knowing it;s awkwardness
but also it’s grace of LOVE…..

I love you Mekh.



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