Our sacred heart

Good afternoon friends, When getting to know someone intimately, especially when it comes to a more romantic level, it is vital we don’t try too hard to penetrate the walls someone may have built around their heart. We are all uniquely complex individuals, who have years of conditioning, personal experiences and traumas that can never truly be understood by anyone other than ourselves.

As a natural defence mechanism we put up our guard to stop us from getting hurt. Once we have developed an emotional and trusting connection with someone, it becomes easier to share the deeper and most sensitive parts of ourselves, when it feels most right for us.


Sometimes having another person to confide in helps us to confess things that we may even be hiding from ourselves. Relationships are all about bringing the best out in each other. This involves helping each other through problems and fighting alongside your partner to help them overcome demons of their past. As long as both partners mutually support each other, then there is no attachment and no net loss of energy on either side. It is these relationships that flourish.

We must always protect our heart. A broken one can take years to fix. Those who want access to this most scared part of ourselves, must prove that they are willing to fight to both access it and protect it.

Love you all.



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