Mujhe chod nahi dena, Kabhi

Neil, Mekhala

Mekhala: Hi
Mekhala: Whr r u?
Mekhala: I can leave now if u r free dear
Neil: C u at 545
Mekhala: Hmm
Mekhala: :*
Mekhala: Hey listen..
Mekhala: Lot of people down there
Mekhala: I will walk up to symantec
Mekhala: Corner
Neil: Ok
Neil: Come down
Mekhala: Hmm
Mekhala: Kaha aau?
Mekhala: Lemme take a rick and come towards symantec
Neil: Wait na there
Neil: I am taking the car out
Neil: 2 min
Mekhala: :*
Mekhala: I kove you
Mekhala: Love you 🙂
Neil: :*
Mekhala: =D chadh gayi hai…hahaha
Mekhala: But u know naa
Mekhala: That i love you
Mekhala: Tons
Mekhala: :* mujhe chod nahi dena kabhi..
Mekhala: For another girl
Neil: Never Mekh
Neil: Don’t even think
Neil: talk to you soon
Neil: 🙂

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One thought on “Mujhe chod nahi dena, Kabhi

  1. Enjoy happiness together for all of our life,
    For there’s many roads where you may strife,
    Your bond is strong, if so both will strive,
    And reunite in the afterlife.

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