Cut losses..

Every close relationship 

Reaches its breaking point

At least once.

In that pitch darkness. 

In that moment of truth.

Our fate lies. 

Or we die 

Along with our lies.

We realize our stupidity. 

We choose not to repeat the past. 

We cut our losses. 

We renew our life.

We walk away.
Either we breakdown. 

Or we breakthrough.

We vitally change who we are 

And how we are 

With one and the other. 

We proceed to another level

We never knew existed.

Else, we die.

Isn’t that your story Mekh.. Cut losses..

कभी जो तुम बदल जाओ और मैं ठहर जाऊँ,

तो खुद को वक्त, 

मुझे अहसास लिखना तुम…

कभी जो छलक जाऊँ तुम्हारी आँखों से मैं,

तो खुद को इश्क, 

मुझे जज़्बात लिखना तुम…

Neilmekh “They do not love that do not show their love.” – William Shakespeare


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