I will be waiting !! I kept my word.

Neil, Mekh

Mekh: The tag is beautiful ig
Mekh: One afternoon in mirador last summer..
Mekh: Its touched my heart
Neil: Thanks
Neil: Yes mirador I remember
Mekh: Over some wine and a calm atmosphere..
Neil: U were in tears
Mekh: With some tears between u and me..
Neil: Yes
Mekh: The first of my tears in front you…as if a little thin film covering my heart..u had opened
Mekh: Why r u pursuing me..
Mekh: I remember saying to you..why do u have to get into this..
Mekh: How far will u take this relationship..
Mekh: And u said..i can take this to any length
Mekh: Leave me alone..
Mekh: I didnt believe u then
Mekh: I thot u were just saying it for the sake of it
Mekh: That day..and today..
Neil: 🙂
Neil: Today what do u c
Mekh: In less than a year..
Neil: Is there a change in my stand
Neil: I am the same mekh..
Mekh: We have walked a long long way
Neil: Yes we have mekh.. I am glad ..
Mekh: When u say today, that u will be waiting for me…beyond good and bad..i believe it totally
Neil: u will have to realise that u r me mekh
Mekh: I will believe even if u say u will wait for me..beyond life and death
Mekh: 😥
Neil: :*
Neil: Muuuuaah I will
Mekh: :*
Neil: We can’t return .. Can we
Mekh: My batt is v low
Mekh: Will go to office
Mekh: shaunu
Neil: Ok
Mekh: Cant return
Neil: Humm take care and take med on time
Neil: I love u:*
Neil: Bfn mekh..
Mekh: Hmm
Mekh: I love u :*
Mekh: U r in off?
Neil: Yes
Mekh: Hmm
Mekh: Bfn dear :*
Mekh: I’l call in noon
Neil: Ok
Neil: As you wish 🙂
Mekh: 🙂
Mekh: Dont be sarcastic

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2 thoughts on “I will be waiting !! I kept my word.

  1. She probably drifted away because of the fact you tried so hard to keep in touch – you’d have been better off going No Contact to regain your sense of self dignity. You won’t exactly be able to forget she existed, but you can do the next best thing which is to focus on you and the present. Keep busy (not just in your job) in everything you do including friends, goals, hobbies and so on.
    ‘I Did nothing wrong’ – it’s not about who is right. If you look at it this way, you’ll have a lot of trouble moving on. You should remind yourself that you are all you can control and trying to be in control of the other person isn’t fair for you, for them or for anyone else!
    One last thing – never stay in the friends zone. You should make it clear that you’re only interested in communicating with them if it’s about reconciliation. Otherwise, stay NC and start dating. It’s not really recommended that you try to get back with them again though, since the same thing could keep happening. (Going back and forth) Which = alot of unnecessary pain. Keep posting.

  2. ney, i was just browsing trying to get perspective on my past but i feel compelled by your story to focus on your situation briefly. i wish i could condemn this woman you describe, but unfortunately she’s entitled to play the games she wants. i’ll tell you this first, she does not represent the majority of us, don’t let your history with her have you believing otherwise. second, nobody deserves what you went through and i will never say you asked for it, but you always have a way out. that soiunds like tough love, and it basically is. imagine a man you care for, a brother or perhaps any man that reminds you of your younger self that you would like to offer guidance. What would you wish him to see or understand in a similar grief?

    there is a reason you put up with all this. my reasons go back to the way my mother treated me growing up. she was hot and cold and incredibly narcissistic. it left me deperate for the approval of a man that treated me like she did. i needed validation, and i was partly masochitic from an addiction i acquired to the emotional abuse. it took a lot to practice upholding my inherent worth as a human being. you need to decide you’re better than this, and then practice that despite all the broken parts of your psyche telling you otherwise. an addiction to a toxic relationship is really no different from an addiction to a drug. there is this high or rush you get from the drama. and if you remain broken, you will continue to attract broken people. you probably need a good amount of time resisting her as a single man, i would recommend no contact indefinitely no matter how healed you feel. i constantly hear about people abandoning toxic relationships only to be sucked back in 10-15 years after no contact, again, like a drug addiction.

    the girl sounds bipolar, or borderline, and very narcissistic, possibly bordering sociopathic. Not all sociopaths are criminals, they just simply lack empathy and mimic emotions that get them what they need very well.

    i hope my advice helps more than stings. sometimes we keep on a path of destruction because we feel we’ve come so far and the abuser is closer to us than the rest of the world. it’s hard to turn your back on a pursuit that took up so much of your life and start again from an unfamiiar place. it’s an ill conception, the world is more benevolent than she has left you believing and she’s not on your side. she maintains seeming within your reach only to be on the other side of an unbreachable boundary taunting you. it’s a game, one you don’t have to play, and one she plays because misery loves company. if you stop playing she’s trapped in that unpenetrable cage all by herself. if you stay, it’s a responsibility you take on yourself. you cannot change her, so only stay if you can love her the way she is and tolerate this pain with no hope for redemption. no one will save you, no one will protect you, no one will make this decision for you, but i am rooting for you and hope you abandon ship.

    best of luck!

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