I love you Mekh 



To my wandering Mekh!!

To love a girl who wanders, you must know that her soul yearns for movement.

The beat of a drum, the whistle of a train and the summit of a mountain are all the same language to her, urging her to move.

Your voice and your touch, too, can speak the language of movement. 

That is the second thing you must know. 

If a girl who wanders loves you, her soul will sway to the cadence of your words.

A girl who wanders sees poetry in everything, from the magnificence of the stars to the dance of a blade of grass.

If you love her, you must realize that you are poetry as well. 

Write her haikus in kisses and limericks in tiny gestures.

She will understand what you mean.

If you love a girl who wanders, run beside her. 

Not ahead of her or behind her, for both of these will quickly try her patience, but beside her. 

Do not follow or lead her to the highest peak or the tastiest food truck in sight; rather, join your paths and walk with her. 

Match your stride to her, and she just might do the same.

This is a girl, a woman, a being who is accustomed to following her instincts and making her own way. 

She probably travels alone, makes friends easily on the road (bidding them farewell just as easily), and ignores the ‘Do Not Enter’ sign.

Compromise does not come naturally to her. Be patient. 

The constant give and take of a relationship will take time for her to learn, but when she does, you will find her more generous, more compassionate than you could have imagined. 

For a girl who wanders has made a study of empathy.

She is made of water. 

She knows fluidity and change.

If you love a girl like this, you must discover the secret of holding her in your eyelashes, for she will slip through your fingers.

Sometimes the water in her will spill over. 
You don’t have to ask why. 
Your presence is enough.
To love a girl who wanders, realize that wanderlust is a true affliction.
When her gaze is unfocused and her thoughts far away, know that she dreams not of other people, but of other worlds. 
Dream with her of caravans in the desert and of sea journeys centuries ago.
Help her plan road trips, buy plane tickets, or even build a tent in the living room when there are no better options.
Her craving for adventure cannot be suppressed for too long, and if you love a girl who wanders, you will be on the seat beside her when it is time to go.
To show this girl your love, bring her wildflowers and found objects—she will appreciate the journey that went into their gathering. 

Dance with her whenever you can. 

Share her joy as she spins, gypsy skirts flying outward. 

Listen to her stories, for she will have many—both true and remembered—and save your own in a carved hollow in your mind for when she asks you to tell her one.

To love a girl who wanders, be prepared to say yes.

Yes to adventures. 
Yes to treasure hunts and hopeless quests. 
Yes to a lifetime of searching. 
Do this, and she will, quite possibly, say yes to you.
A girl who wanders may not have many roots.
You must offer her the depths of your heart and soul in which to plant sturdier ones. 
To act as soil and sustenance for another person’s spirit is both a privilege and a responsibility— never take it lightly.
If you love a girl who wanders, only give her what she can carry—nothing bigger than your heart. Anything larger would be a waste. 
Accept her need to seek—strive to comprehend it, even—and comfort her when the leaves fall across her path and she feels lost.
Let her wander through the labyrinth of your mind, and marvel at the beauty she finds there. 
Hold her in your eyelashes, the lines of your hand and the ridges of your forehead, and wander with her.

I love you Mekh,


Jane Kaise Kab Kahan..

23:25, 7 Aug – Mekhala: tum nahi haare
23:25, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Ab chod na mekhu
23:26, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Use kya pata sub
23:27, 7 Aug – Mekhala: 
23:28, 7 Aug – Mekhala: Kise kya pata chalega..
23:28, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Dont be sad
23:29, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Sub theek hai
23:29, 7 Aug – Mekhala: What it is between us
23:29, 7 Aug – Mekhala: No one will ever know or understand
23:29, 7 Aug – Mekhala: Noone needs to understand either
23:29, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Its our life our decision
23:30, 7 Aug – Mekhala: igg
23:30, 7 Aug – Mekhala: Can’t talk anymore ig bas acha nahi lag raha
23:30, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Kya hua love
23:31, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: You can’t stop loving or wanting to love because when its right, it’s the best thing in the world. When you’re in a relationship and it’s good, even if nothing else in your life is right, you feel like your whole world is complete.
23:31, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Kya karu mekhu bata
23:32, 7 Aug – Mekhala: 
23:32, 7 Aug – Mekhala: jao dear
23:33, 7 Aug – Mekhala: Ig
23:33, 7 Aug – Mekhala: Shonu
23:34, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Koi option nahi bacha jaan
23:34, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: i cant live wothout u
23:34, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: And i am growing all over you
23:35, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Probably in any other situation you wpuld have loved it
23:35, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: But your constraint wont allow u to love me
23:35, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: And i dont want u to be stretched bwtwewn want and resp
23:35, 7 Aug – Mekhala: No one can stop my heart from loving u ig
23:36, 7 Aug – Mekhala: But my constraints r growing
23:36, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Humm
23:36, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: So love me even of i am away
23:36, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Ok
23:37, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Kyoun soch rahi ho fir
23:37, 7 Aug – Mekhala: 
23:37, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: So jao ab shona
23:37, 7 Aug – Mekhala: Dimag numb ho gaya hai
23:37, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: I am all urs
23:38, 7 Aug – Mekhala: Kuch nahi soch paa rahi
23:38, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Yaad rakho
23:38, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Jab bulaogi aa jaunga
23:38, 7 Aug – Mekhala: 
23:38, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Kissie do
23:38, 7 Aug – Mekhala: nahi aaoge..bhool jaoge mujhe
23:39, 7 Aug – Mekhala: gudnite ig
23:39, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Aounga mekh
23:40, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: I live up to every promise i make
23:40, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Good night love
23:41, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Ek samay tha ek ek baje thak lad te the yaad hai
23:41, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: 
23:41, 7 Aug – Mekhala: hmm
23:41, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: So ja ab 
23:41, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Tata jaan
23:41, 7 Aug – Mekhala: Hmm..tata love
23:42, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Kal docs dikha lena
23:42, 7 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Muuaah tata
23:42, 7 Aug – Mekhala: Hmm..I will
23:43, 7 Aug – Mekhala: U sleep well dear
08:10, 8 Aug – Mekhala: Good morning ig 
08:10, 8 Aug – indranil ghoshal: Goood morning sweety pie

Cut losses..

Every close relationship 

Reaches its breaking point

At least once.

In that pitch darkness. 

In that moment of truth.

Our fate lies. 

Or we die 

Along with our lies.

We realize our stupidity. 

We choose not to repeat the past. 

We cut our losses. 

We renew our life.

We walk away.
Either we breakdown. 

Or we breakthrough.

We vitally change who we are 

And how we are 

With one and the other. 

We proceed to another level

We never knew existed.

Else, we die.

Isn’t that your story Mekh.. Cut losses..

कभी जो तुम बदल जाओ और मैं ठहर जाऊँ,

तो खुद को वक्त, 

मुझे अहसास लिखना तुम…

कभी जो छलक जाऊँ तुम्हारी आँखों से मैं,

तो खुद को इश्क, 

मुझे जज़्बात लिखना तुम…

Neilmekh “They do not love that do not show their love.” – William Shakespeare

​সুখ কিসে?…

সুখ কিসে?……
কচি পেয়ারায় কামড় দেওয়ার পর মিষ্টি যে স্বাদটা জিহ্বায় লেগে থাকে সেটা সুখের।


লোডশেডিংএর পর যখন হঠাৎ ফ্যানের বাতাসে শরীর শীতল হয় সেটা সুখের।


প্রথম জন্ম নেওয়া শিশুটা যখন আধো আধো বুলিতে বাবা বলে ডাকে সেটা সুখের।


দূরের যাত্রায় বাসের জানালা দিয়ে সূর্যোদয় কিংবা সূর্যাস্ত দেখা সেটা সুখের।


ছাদে দাঁড়িয়ে পাশের বাড়ির মেয়েটির দিকে অপলক দৃষ্টিতে তাকিয়ে থাকা, সেটা সুখের।


তীব্র গরমে হঠাৎ বৃষ্টিতে, আকাশের দিকে তাকিয়ে বৃষ্টিতে ভেজা, সেটা সুখের।


পান্তা ভাতে মরিচের কামড়ে যে অমৃত স্বাদ, সেটা সুখের।


তাড়াহুড়ো করে ভাত খেয়ে মায়ের আঁচলে মুখ মুছে খেলার মাঠে ছুটে যাওয়া, সেটা সুখের।


রোদের খরতাপে বাড়ি ফিরে এক গ্লাস ঠান্ডা জল কিংবা লেবুর সরবত, সেটা সুখের।


অনেক চেষ্টার পর মশারির ভেতর একটি মশার সাথে যুদ্ধে জয়ী হওয়া, সেটা সুখের।


অনেক ডাকার পরেও মায়ের শাসন উপেক্ষা করে শীতের সকালে একটু বেশি ঘুমানো, সেটা সুখের।


পকেটে অবশিষ্ট পাঁচ টাকার নোটটা পথ শিশুর দিকে বাড়িয়ে তার মুখে যে হাসি দেখা যায়, সেটা সুখের।


☞ এই রকম ছোট ছোট হাজার অনুভূতির মাঝে লুকিয়ে আছে সুখের সুখানুভূতি।
তারপরও কি বলবে তুমি সুখী নও?

সুখের অনুভূতি গুলো খুঁজে নিতে হয় জীবনের প্রতিটি আঁকা বাঁকা পথে, ঘটনার অন্তরালে…!!!